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Dr. Paulette Spencer's official portrait
Deane E. Ackers Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Director of the Institute of Bioengineering Research
Learned Hall, 3111

Building on her education and experience, Dr. Spencer leads a research program that is driven by clinical need, and integrates engineering principles with the clinical practice of medicine and dentistry. Dr. Spencer’s research team uses multi-scale characterization techniques and mathematical modeling to define the fundamental phenomena that control biological interactions at material interfaces. Armed with an understanding of the reactions that lead to failure, her team is developing a new generation of biomaterials that will impede bacterial attachment, neutralize the acidic micro-environment, re-mineralize defective tissues and offer durable performance in the clinical environment.

Dr. Anil Misra's official portrait
Associate Director, Institute of Bioengineering Research, Professor, Civil, Enviromental and Architectural Engineering
Learned Hall, 5104B

Dr. Misra has broad research interests which span topics covering both basic and applied aspects of mechanics of geomaterials, interfaces and biomaterials, including analytical, computational and experimental granular micromechanics, particle and atomistic methods, multi-scale modeling, constitutive behavior, micro-macro correlations, and multi-modal material characterization using high resolution techniques. His research has been funded by a variety of sources, including the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, and private industry.

Dr. Qiang (Charles) Ye's official portrait
Director, Institiute of Bioengineering Research Laboratories
Learned Hall, Room 5101E

Dr. Ye trained as a polymer chemist at University of Science and Technology of China. His research focused primarily in the areas of emulsion polymerization, dispersion polymerization, functional polymer microcapsules, and inorganic/polymer nanocomposites. Dr. Ye was actively involved in the development of novel synthetic materials that can be used in place of dental amalgam for posterior restorations. As Director of IBER laboratories, he has been instrumental in acquiring and configuring the research-grade equipment for the IBER that provides multi-scale structure/property characterization of materials and material/tissue interfaces.

Dr. Candan Tamerler's official portrait
Director, Bio-mediated and Biomimetic Materials, Wesley G. Cramer Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Learned Hall, Room 3114

Dr. Tamerler came to KU in 2013. Previously, she was at the University of Washington and Istanbul Technical University. At ITU, Dr. Tamerler founded and served as the Director of the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Research Center, a multi-disciplinary initiative. She was instrumental in raising the funds for the construction of the 40,000 ft2 building that houses the ITU Center and research conducted within it. Dr. Tamerler’s research interests are in molecular biomimetics, bio-nanotechnology, and bio-enabled materials science. In addition to being well-published, she has organized several symposia and conferences.

Dr. Sara Wilson's official portrait
Director of Bioengineering Graduate Program, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Learned Hall, Room 3141

Dr. Wilson conducts research in the neuromuscular control of human motion using engineering principles from control theory and dynamics. She is involved in the development of medical devices used in physical therapy, obstetrics and internal medicine. Dr. Wilson has served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Biomechanics and in a number of leadership roles in the ASME Bioengineering Division. She is active in the development of educational tools for responsible conduct of research for graduate students in engineering. In 2006 she was a W.T. Kemper Fellow for Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Ken Fischer Official Portrait
Associate Director, Bioengineering Graduate Program, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Learned Hall, Room 3132

Dr. Fischer joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2000. He holds secondary faculty appointments in both the Departments of Orthopedic Surgery as well as in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Early in his career, Dr. Fischer worked at Boeing Commercial Airplanes as a systems engineer and in manufacturing research and development. His current research in with musculoskeletal biomechanics. He has served as an Associate Editor for the ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering and has published over 30 refereed articles.

Dr. Elizabeth Friis' official portrait
Product Development Core Director, Bioengineering Graduate Program, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Learned Hall, Room 3134

Dr. Friis joined KU 2001. Her main research interests are in biomaterials and biomechanics, with emphasis in spine biomechanics and mechanical testing and design of implants. Dr. Friis helped develop the Product Design and Development track in the KU Bioengineering Graduate program and has served as its Co-Director since 2007. She has received several teaching awards, including the KU Outstanding Woman Educator Award in 2007 and a Kemper Fellowship in 2006. Dr. Friis has led several efforts at KU to incorporate technology entrepreneurship education into the engineering curriculum.

Dr. Stevin Gehrke's portrait
Professor, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Graduate Studies Director
Learned Hall, Room 4149A

Dr. Gehrke’s research involves exploring novel uses of hydrogels, controlled drug delivery, and protein-based biomaterials. He is extensive published in these areas. His research has resulted several patents. Dr. Gehrke has unique approach in some of his biomedical research, looking to insects for potential cartilage replacements.